Ask Dr. Joy Miller: Carefree dreams

By WEEK Producer

August 29, 2012 Updated Aug 29, 2012 at 6:44 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Sometimes looking into our past can help to discover how our experience relate to our inner world.

The following Kokology quiz has to do with looking at a carefree time in our life, a time when you were a child with no responsibilities and when the day was filled with play and adventures. It was time for running, investigating and watching clouds and even blowing bubbles.

Imagine it is one of those days and you are blowing bubbles in a huge open field.

Which best describes your vision:

* The bubbles you blow float away high into the sky
* You are blowing hundreds of tiny bubbles through your plastic ring
* You are concentrating on blowing a single enormous bubble
* The bubbles you made are carried behind you on the breeze

The bubbles represent your hopes and dreams and the scene describes what you hope will come true.

* Bubbles float away into the sky: you see your dreams as illusive and unattainable-flying away. Are you wishing for too much? Are you caught in the impossible? Do you believe that you can't tell anyone your dream for fear they are fragile and fleeting?

* You are blowing hundreds of tiny bubbles: you have set your sights on immediately attainable things that are within your reach as well as sensible. You decide what you want most and work for it. If you chase everything you might end up empty handed

* You're concentrating one enormous bubble: you have a single all-important dream and ambition that drives you through life. You are always striving toward your goal and you know you will achieve that dream.

* The bubbles you made are carried behind you: your experiences with disappointments and dreams have shaped your view of life. You can change your future if you are willing to see that those who do not try are the ones who fail.

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