Ask Dr. Joy: caught in the rain?

By WEEK Producer

May 1, 2013 Updated May 1, 2013 at 9:38 PM CDT

In the past we have shared little projective tests to learn a little something about yourself.

In this edition of "Ask Dr. Joy" we will do something from the Japanese Kokology self discovery books. So back by popular demand, we will try one of these projective inventories and see how closely they target your inner thoughts and beliefs and tell a little bit about you.

Imagine you are walking outside and a sudden hard rain begins. You realize that no matter what, you are at least 5 minutes from your which best describes your plan of action.

1. I’ll find a tree or an awning to stand under until it stops raining.
2. I don’t know how long it will keep raining, so I’ll run as fast as I can to my next destination.
3. I’m going to look for someone with an umbrella I can share, or a store that will have an umbrella to purchase.
4. I always have an umbrella in my bag when I go out, so no worries.

The storm is an unpredictable & unforeseen trauma in your life. This relates to how you would respond to a flight between you and a friend.

1. I’ll find a tree or awning to stand under and wait for the rain to stop:

- You are the kind that waits for the other person to calm down before you try to settle a fight. You typically would let the other person rant and rave, and then let them cool down before you present your thoughts calmly. Some would say this is smart and some would say this is a little sneaky

2. I don’t know how long it will rain, so I’ll just run and go for it.

- You don’t care about the end result of the fight as much as talking your mind. Give and take is not typically in your plan of action and if they yell, you yell louder. People always know where you stand even if you are scary to fight with.

3. I’d see if there is someone with an umbrella or Ill look for one to buy.

- You don’t like conflicts or confrontations so you try to smooth things over and calm the other person. Unfortunately sometimes it just makes someone madder.

4. I always have an umbrella in my bag when I go out.

- You think you have an answer for every situation and a reason for every concern. To you arguments are seen as opportunities to enjoy the debate. Others see you as frustrating and insincere.

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