Buddy Check

  • Buddy Check 25: Bringing cancer screenings to you

    Wednesday, Sep 25 at 10:41 PM

    PEORIA, Ill. -- Imagine if doctors still made house calls. Better yet, what if getting screened for cancer was as easy as pulling up to your local convenience store.

  • Buddy Check 25: Peoria couple not running from cancer

    PEORIA, Ill. -- The couple you are about to meet is conquering cancer one step at a time and helping other survivors in the process.

  • Buddy Check 25: coach, community cheerleader and cancer survivor

    NORMAL, Ill. -- She's a coach, community cheerleader and cancer survivor. Illinois Wesleyan University's Mia Smith battled breast cancer while taking her team to a national championship in 2012.

  • Buddy Check 25: Know what's normal for you

    Breast cancer is a diagnosis that no young, vibrant and active wife and mother can anticipate. For Nicole McKinley it was a diagnosis that doctors almost missed, if not for her persistence.

  • Buddy Check 25: Girl's Night Out

    In this month's Buddy Check 25 report we show how Unity Point Health Methodist is helping women relax while working towards good health.

  • Buddy Check 25: Kids for the Cure t-shirt winner

    PEORIA, Ill. -- In April’s Buddy check 25 report, a local girl uses her love of art to celebrate her grandmother's win over breast cancer.

  • Buddy Check 25: Listen to your inner-self

    BLOOMINGTON, Ill. -- When a medical test comes back normal, many of us would breath a sigh of relief and go about our lives as normal. But, what if you had a nagging feeling that the test didn't tell the full story?

  • Buddy Check 25: anyone, any age

    PEORIA, Ill. -- In this month's Buddy Check 25 report, Gina Morss shows us that you are never too young to practice breast self-exam. In fact, it likely saved the life of the young woman you are about to meet.

  • Buddy Check 25: Varium True Beam Linear Accelerator

    Breast cancer patients in Central Illinois now have access to the latest high-tech tool to treat the disease.

  • Buddy Check 25: Receiving the most precious gift of all

    It's the kind of present you won't find under a Christmas tree. A gift so grand, it's value is beyond measure. A Peoria woman is celebrating the holiday with a new found joy that doctors once told her would never be possible.