Buddy Check

  • Buddy Check 25: Listen to your inner-self

    Monday, Mar 25 at 10:34 PM

    BLOOMINGTON, Ill. -- When a medical test comes back normal, many of us would breath a sigh of relief and go about our lives as normal. But, what if you had a nagging feeling that the test didn't tell the full story?

  • Buddy Check 25: anyone, any age

    PEORIA, Ill. -- In this month's Buddy Check 25 report, Gina Morss shows us that you are never too young to practice breast self-exam. In fact, it likely saved the life of the young woman you are about to meet.

  • Buddy Check 25: Varium True Beam Linear Accelerator

    Breast cancer patients in Central Illinois now have access to the latest high-tech tool to treat the disease.

  • Buddy Check 25: Receiving the most precious gift of all

    It's the kind of present you won't find under a Christmas tree. A gift so grand, it's value is beyond measure. A Peoria woman is celebrating the holiday with a new found joy that doctors once told her would never be possible.

  • Buddy Check 25: "Be aware of any change"

    PEORIA, Ill. -- Theresa Koehler admits she took her good health for granted until recently and now warns every woman to be more aware.

  • Buddy Check 25: Pink Partners spread beautiful message about mammograms

    BLOOMINGTON, Ill. -- When Barb Haab and Sandy Vail look at this picture, they see something beautiful. It's not just a flower. Look closer and you'll see the petals are images of a mammogram.

  • Buddy Check 25: Ronda's 40

    Rhonda Guyton, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, is asking the community to help her celebrate her 40th birthday by having a mammogram.

  • Buddy Check 25: Ronda Guyton

    Tonight we're following-up with newly diagnosed breast cancer patient Ronda Guyton. This month she is consulting with physicians to formulate a cancer treatment plan.

  • Elmwood student honors grandmother through t-shirt design

    ELMWOOD, Ill. -- In this month's Buddy check 25 report comes a legacy of love and an affinity for art help form a passion to find a cure for breast cancer.

  • Buddy Check 25: Head down, charge forward, and fight

    It's moments like these that Amy Bjornstad says she'll never take for granted again.