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    Methodist Medical Center in Illinois

    The Methodist Wellmobile is a massive consumer education program designed to promote healthier living among central Illinois residents. Our free or low cost screenings, are conducted by caring and trained Methodist Medical Center staff who travel throughout central Illinois educating members of the community on issues including healthy living, early detection of disease, as well as, disease prevention and treatment. It is our hope that patients and physicians use our services to monitor the improvement of results during dietary, lifestyle or medication changes.
    Hours and location vary. Visit our Classes & Screenings section to search for a convenient time and location.

  • Healthwatch: Exercising Safely

    With spring finally making its way to the central Illinois, many people are now venturing outside once again to get some exercise.

  • Healthwatch: Stroke detection

    Speed is of the essence if you see someone in the early stages of a stroke, but how can you recognize the signs?

  • Healthwatch: Joint replacement

    The decision to have a hip or knee replacement is a big one, but where you have that procedure can be just as important.

  • Healthwatch: Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity has grown to what some would call epidemic proportions. But there are ways to help combat this serious health issue.

  • Healthwatch: Free Lung Cancer Screenings

    According to the American Lung Association, Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in both men and women. That's why, in observance of November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Unity-Point Health Methodist is offering free diagnostic scans.

  • Healthwatch: New Emergency Department

    Treating an emergency will be different at Unity-Point Health Methodist thanks to a newly remodeled emergency department.

  • Healthwatch: Kids and Concussions

    Young aspiring sports stars are back in action, working to perfect their skills, but with that also comes injuries.

  • Healthwatch: Living History Program

    For many doctors and nurses, the most they ever know about a patient comes from a medical chart, but Unity Point Health Methodist wants to change that.

  • Healthwatch: Improving Patient Care

    Improving patient care across the board, that's the goal of the Center for Evidence Based Medicine* at UnityPoint Health Methodist. But how do you achieve that goal?

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