• Healthwatch: Free Lung Cancer Screenings

    Tuesday, Oct 22 at 8:30 PM

    According to the American Lung Association, Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in both men and women. That's why, in observance of November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Unity-Point Health Methodist is offering free diagnostic scans.

  • Healthwatch: New Emergency Department

    Treating an emergency will be different at Unity-Point Health Methodist thanks to a newly remodeled emergency department.

  • Healthwatch: Kids and Concussions

    Young aspiring sports stars are back in action, working to perfect their skills, but with that also comes injuries.

  • Healthwatch: Living History Program

    For many doctors and nurses, the most they ever know about a patient comes from a medical chart, but Unity Point Health Methodist wants to change that.

  • Healthwatch: Improving Patient Care

    Improving patient care across the board, that's the goal of the Center for Evidence Based Medicine* at UnityPoint Health Methodist. But how do you achieve that goal?

  • Healthwatch: The danger of Strokes

    This is National Stroke Awareness Month, and doctors want you to know the signs, and the risk factors that may help save your life.

  • Healthwatch: Moving Patients Safely

    For medical personnel here in the Heart of Illinois, lifting and safely moving patients is an important part of the workday.

  • Healthwatch: Lung Cancer Screening

    CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- A new test is helping to catch lung cancer in smokers and former smokers much earlier at Methodist Medical Center.

  • Healthwatch: Heart Health Month

    CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- February is American Heart Month, a month dedicated to informing the public about heart disease.

  • Healthwatch: Wellmobile celebrates 10 years

    CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- It's seems not that long ago, but 10 years ago the Methodist Wellmobile was launched.