Radiation Therapy Tool

By WEEK Reporter

July 15, 2010 Updated Jun 9, 2008 at 5:24 PM CDT

Cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy now have the benefits of new technology in the Peoria area.

Doctors at the Heidrich Radiation Oncology Center at Methodist Medical Center are showing off a new machine in radiation therapy.

It's called Tomotherapy.

Doctors say the machine gives a 360-degree view of a tumor.

It pinpoints the exact location for radiation treatment.

Doctor Roby Lal, a Radiation Oncologist said, "Basically we can attack the tumor not just with finite beams but from all the way around. We're able to modulate the beam and spare the normal tissue structures."

Doctor Joseph Banno, the Medical Director with the Radiation Treatment Center-Midwest Urological Group said, "There's much less side effect with TomoTherapy and it gives a more precise target for the Radiation therapy. So we have less problems with bladder being injured for the bowel being injured."

Doctors say this treatment is especially effective for prostate cancer patients.

The scans used with the TomoTherapy cause less side effects to the tissues around the area that's being treated.