Not Taking It Lying Down

By Tom McIntyre

July 15, 2010 Updated Jun 9, 2008 at 5:24 PM CDT

Wenesday night, News 25 continued its series of reports on prostate cancer - one of the most common cancers.
It can be successfully treated...if caught early.
News 25 Weather forecaster Lee Ranson is undergoing treatment for his prostate cancer.
Tom McIntyre continues to follow him...a month into his radiation treatment.

Lee had been watching his PSA levels –starting at age fifty —–and a few years ago...when his levels got too high...he was referred to a urologist.
The decision to go public with his cancer didn't come easily...
But since then, Lee's attitude has changed. And he says he hopes more men now will get the word to go in and get a blood test.

Lee was watching for signs of prostate cancer, but many –perhaps most—men are not.

We'll continue to follow Lee's treatment....
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