Lee Ranson's Progress

By Tom McIntyre

July 15, 2010 Updated Aug 20, 2008 at 1:10 PM CDT

News 25 has been keeping you informed about the dangers of prostate cancer and how it's treated. News 25's Lee Ranson has been undergoing radiation treatment for his cancer...and Tom McIntyre brings us up to day on Lee's progress.

For nine weeks, Lee Ranson has been going to the oncology/radiation area at Methodist medical Center for treatment of his prostate cancer.
It's become a routine....but this is his last scheduled treatment, and so Methodist CEO Michael Bryant has stopped by to visit.

"It's amazing –obviously the treatment is state of the art," said Lee Ranson.

Today's treatment will be exactly like the previous 44 —– exactly to make sure the radiation is focused directly on the cancer cells in Lee's prostate. As it has before, the treatment itself is uneventful, except toda, .there's a bonus...a goodbye card from the staff.

"Look at that. Best Wishes. Look at that. All the nurses—that is just wonderful isn't it. That is just great, thanks," said Ranson.

But, the real bonus comes from Dr. Robby Lal.
"Hi, congratulations.
"Congratulations is right".
Lee's PSA levels have dropped dramatically since the radiation treatment began.

"You've come down to zero–point zero–eight. You might remember originally it was four–point–eight. That is excellent response to treatment," said Dr. Lal.

"I'm just pleased with everybody here. Everybody has been so nice. And, obviously, the end result is the important thing".

"Every day it's going to get better and better.
"OK, that's it for today. We'll see you in a month".

That one–month checkup will be the first in a series of follow–up appointments for Lee. First to check to make sure any side effects are diminishing....and then every three months...examinations to check for any reoccurrence of the cancer...

"Made it, made it!"

"And that's the follow up...physical exam and blood testing to make sure we don't have an occurrence.
Early detection...early cure. That's the key".