Prostate Screening Awareness

  • FDA Approves Prostate Cancer Drug

    The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug to fight the prostate cancer.

  • Additional Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer Shown

    Doctors have - for years -recommended men get a prostate cancer screening after the age of fifty. Researchers have known for years that some men are more likely to develop prostate cancer than others.

  • Former Mayor Gets Treatment

    "Ten Years ago, I think I knew two people who had prostate cancer," said former East Peoria Mayor Dick Dotson. "Now, I think a couple name a couple of dozen.

  • Prostate Screenings

    Starting Monday, free prostate cancer screenings are being offered in Peoria and Pekin. Methodist Medical Center and Midwest Urological Group are offering the screenings.

  • Lee Ranson's Progress

    News 25 has been keeping you informed about the dangers of prostate cancer and how it's treated. News 25's Lee Ranson has been undergoing radiation treatment for his cancer.

  • Prostate Cancer Awareness

    The Cancer Center for Healthy living has a message for men...get your prostate checked at least once a year. The Cancer Center and the Peoria Chiefs teamed up to host Prostate Cancer Awareness Day today.

  • Stepping Up To The Plate For Good Health

    It wasn't just fun at the old ballpark today at O'Brien Field. There was also a message for men to step up to the plate and take care of their health.

  • Not Taking It Lying Down

    Tom McIntyre continues to chronicle Lee Ranson's fight against prostate cancer.

  • Watch the PSA featuring Mark DeSantis & Lee Ranson

  • Close To Home

    News 25's Lee Ranson has prostate cancer and the promise of a quick recovery, thanks to early detection and new state-of-the-art technology.