Your Health: Phone calls helping hearts

By WEEK Reporter

April 15, 2014 Updated Apr 15, 2014 at 6:49 PM CDT

It's not uncommon for someone to become depressed after having a heart attack or being diagnosed with heart disease.

Now a new study, from Massachusetts General Hospital Researchers, finds getting regular phone calls, from a team of caregivers, like social workers and psychiatrists, can help lift a heart patient's spirits and improve their recovery process.

"What this study is doing is building upon other studies that have been done looking at the collaborative care model. what's beautiful is that it is so low-tech, it's so simple in delivering that it really should garner the attention of health care providers," said Dr. Leo Pozuelo, Cleveland Clinic.

Researchers say the collaborative approach is easily implemented and it really just takes a few extra minutes to make a phone call.