Not everyone gets a snow day

By Katherine Tellez

January 6, 2014 Updated Jan 6, 2014 at 11:49 PM CDT

Peoria, Ill. -- Monday was a snow day for many workers in the heart of Illinois, but for others staying at home isn't an option.

Several employees at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, live in rural areas outside of Peoria.

But the hospital's C.O.O said most of the staff made it in to work today.

Some who worked last night slept at the hospital so they'd be ready to go for their next shift.

This isn't the hospital's first time dealing with this kind of situation.

"Hospitals don't have the opportunity to close and just let everybody stay home until the weather gets better," said Robert Anderson, C.O.O at St. Francis Medical Center. "When we hear that we have a major weather event like this one on the way we start our planning process ahead of the storm."

Directors at Unity Point Methodist Hospital also prepare for bad weather before it hits.

They looked at schedules 24 to 48 hours ahead of time and made calls to employees who live more than 30 miles away.

Some of the nurses who worked last night slept at the hospital.

But for the most part, the nursing officer says it wasn't as bad as expected.

"It was extremely fulfilling to see our staff so resilient and willing to be resourceful and flexible about what they could and could not do," said Jeanine Spain, Chief nursing officer at Unity Point-Health Methodist. "That's typical nursing, they really do rally to the cause when they need to."

The hospital also has a transportation pool that picks up employees who live close by but can't make it in.

And for those parents who had to work -- Rogy's daycare in Peoria stayed open just for them.

The people running the daycare understand not everyone has the option to stay home with their children.

The assistant director says, while the attendance wasn't as high as usual -- it's been worth being open for the parents who really need them.

"Parents are really grateful. A lot of people have been calling all morning asking 'are you open' and when I say 'yes we are' they say 'oh thank goodness.'" Because they wouldn't have anywhere else to take their kids. So they're definitely grateful," said Jamie Miller, Assistant Director.

Miller said when the weather is bad the late fee is waived if a parent calls to say they're running late due to road conditions.