72-year-old Oak Run man lifts tractor to save neighbor

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Credit: Steve Davis, The Register-Mail

72-year-old Oak Run man lifts tractor to save neighbor


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July 7, 2014 Updated Jul 7, 2014 at 1:39 PM CDT

OAK RUN, Ill. – A man is safe after his 72-year-old neighbor helped pull him out from beneath the wheel of a 1,160-pound tractor.

Joe Stinger, 58, of Oak Run told the Register-Mail last week that his leg became pinned in between the spinning tractor wheel and a slab of concrete after the tractor had fallen over in a forested ravine.

Stinger’s 72-year-old neighbor, Daniel Martin, heard his calls for help while sitting on his porch about six houses away and began walking toward the source.

When he found Stinger trapped, he lifted the nearly one-ton tractor by himself and helped Stinger escape.

“I don’t know how I picked that thing up,” Martin told the Register-Mail. “I don’t even remember getting down in there.”

Martin partially credited his actions to the two years he spent in the Navy in the early '60s.