April 4th in National Hug a News Anchor Day

By WEEK Reporter

April 4, 2013 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 1:14 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Thursday was National Hug a News Anchor Day.

The Manager of Fazoli's Restaurant in Bloomington is making the rounds, making sure those of us who deliver the news get a 'delivery of love.'

Adam Hinkle of Fazoli's came to our station to give Garry a big hug.

"At Fazzolis, it is all about doing things the Fazzolis way and that is something we do at Fazzolis. When you come in, it is a nice comfortable visit. We take care of our guests. We just wanted to come in and hug an anchor just to show our love," Hinkle said.

It ended up being a double hug with our Manager Editor Max Jacobs.

Garry didn't seem to mind especially when he found out he was getting food and a T-Shirt.

This is not just about Garry getting a hug. It's about our viewers getting a deal.

If you got to Fazoli's in the Twin Cities and say you saw this on TV, they will give you a deal on a meal.