Averyville residents want to better their neighborhood

By WEEK Reporter

May 1, 2014 Updated May 2, 2014 at 10:59 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Residents in Peoria's Averyville neighborhood say they aren't giving up on the place they have called home for years.

Multiple residents met with police officers and City Council members to discuss issues they are seeing; everything from burglaries, loud noise and drugs.

Residents said they do call to report the crimes they witness, but that they don't always see response from police.

However, they also said they realize there is only so much the officers can do.

"The city cut the code. There's not that many officers. The police have so many calls, they aren't just sitting there waiting for a call," said Rosilee Walker, Head of the Averyville Improvement Association.

In general, crime in that area is down 23-percent from this time last year.

The only increase officers are seeing is burglaries, which are up 45 percent.

"In this particular area, there's no pattern of one block is being victimized more than the next. So it's evenly spread out through the entire district," said Peoria Assistant Police Chief Jerry Mitchell. "We'll work to try and get those numbers down and find out who the perpetrators are on that."

After Thursday's meeting, both residents and officers said they understand each other's concerns and what steps need to be taken going forward.