Biggest Loser Week 2: "No 'I' in Team"

By WEEK Reporter
By Anna Yee

Peoria Biggest Loser's "Indigo" Team goes in for a huddle after a workout at the RiverPlex.

February 1, 2011 Updated Feb 1, 2011 at 12:38 AM CDT

Meet the Biggest Loser's Indigo team. Don't let their name fool you-- they're no where near feeling "blue" in this competition.

After the first week, the indigo team lost a combined 72 pounds--- the most out of all groups.

They even boasted the top two "losers" of the week.

"I feel great about that," said Hollie Faulkner, Week One's Biggest Loser. "You know, I was hoping for a big one, and I actually lost 13 pounds last week which is pretty amazing."

And Susie Cranford-- who lost 150 pounds since last year-- came in second place with 12 pounds lost.

Susie and many of her teammates are returning competitors, and their trainer says they haven't lost their drive.

"They want to be here," said Dorian Mosack, the "Indigo" Team trainer. "Normally, somebody hires a personal trainer, and you got to get them motivated. All of these team members have that intrinsic motivation, so it's not too hard for us to get them going."

But that doesn't mean the "Indigo Girls" don't have challenges ahead.

"We're going to be screaming as loud as we can from now on. It's part of the motivation," said Mosack.

And for Hollie...

"I'd like to lose 50 or 60 more pounds," said Faulkner, "And my ultimate goal for this year is I want to do a half iron man in September. That's a long race, so I've got to build up a lot of endurance to get there."

The race to the finish line for Biggest Loser is still in its early stages, and the indigo team isn't slowing down.

"Other people might have more weight to lose, or other people might have better weeks than us, but we're unstoppable," said Faulkner. "We're just such a great team together. We just have so much confidence together."

And they're proving that although there is an "I" in Indigo, there's certainly no "I" in team.