Board of Elections to decide on Sandberg's candidacy Tuesday

By WEEK Reporter

December 10, 2012 Updated Dec 10, 2012 at 7:45 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill -- The Peoria Board of elections commission will make a decision Tuesday on whether or not First District city council candidate Gary Sandberg's name can stay on the ballot for the February Primary.

Monday morning, the city election commission heard arguments from Sandberg's opponents Denise Moore and Randall Emert, who both challenged his residency requirement.

Moore and Emert both argue that Sandberg has not lived at his Adams Street residence for one year as required by the Illinois State Candidates guide.

Sandberg, who is an at-large city council member, previously lived in the second district but recently moved to 1213 SW Adams.

Sandberg and Moore differ on their interpretations of the law.

"The candidate's guide is a complete document. It would be wonderful to be able to pick and choose from the document those things that we like and refer to us," Moore said. "But in the end it's the complete guide that we're discussing here."

Emert said that the objection was filed to help voters be aware of and understand the law.

"I just felt it was in the interest of the people of the first district to file this objection and whether it withstands the laws, which is very confusing," Emert said.

Sandberg said that the law will confirm his candidacy.

"Look at the law, look at the facts and you can only come to one conclusion," Sandberg said. "I reside there. I don't have to reside but anywhere in the city of Peoria for a year and I will be residing there with my 11 cars, my three motorcycles."

There was also a petition challenge against Fifth District city council candidate Dan Adler.

The elections commission ruled that Adler failed to notarize 13 signature sheets.

His name will not be on the ballot in the February primary, but Adler says he plans to continue his campaign as a write in candidate.