'Bomb Squad' members considered some of Peoria's most violent offenders

By WEEK Producer

October 19, 2012 Updated Oct 19, 2012 at 10:07 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Peoria police arrested dozen alleged members of the "bomb squad gang" on weapons and drug violations.

Peoria County States Attorney Jerry Brady says the gang members have been responsible for some of the most violent crimes in on city streets.

"The streets have to be safe," said Brady. "With the Bomb Squad and what their members have done...if you look at the charges the members of the bomb squad virtually all of them both the federal charges and pending state charges they involve weapons and guns and violence."

During a news conference, federal and local authorities said they want to use the federal indictments to make an example out of the bomb squad.

Jim Lewis U.S Attorney for the Central District of Illinois says after this round up of offenders the next phase of the city's "Don't Shoot anti-crime initiative will involve a call in session to warn others about consequences.

'If they choose not to go in that direction, if they choose to be part of reducing the violence here in Peoria then they don't have to face what the bomb squad faces," said Lewis.

Brady would not say which members of the group may have been directly responsible for the Starr Street double shooting and homicide last month. He says the gang has been on the police radar for a while.