Brady proposes new idea for funding Obama library

By WEEK Producer

May 1, 2014 Updated May 1, 2014 at 10:30 PM CDT

SPRINGFIELD, Ill -- Bloomington Senator Bill Brady spoke Thursday in Springfield, proposing a new way of funding the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

Republicans have opposed efforts by Democrats to allocate $100 million for a presidential library for Barack Obama.

Senator Brady says if Illinois residents want an Obama Library, they could pay for it by donating a portion of their tax refund to a building fund.

"These aren't required taxpayer dollars, these are voluntary, which makes it a win-win scenario," Brady said. "We do this for various other things, like cervical cancer research, memorials and other things. So, it's a win-win that doesn't strip much needed taxpayer dollars."

Brady's bill comes on the heels of a House committee approval to spend $100 million on an Obama library.