Closing Arguments To Be Heard In Cleary Murder Trial

By WEEK Producer

March 8, 2011 Updated Mar 8, 2011 at 10:44 PM CDT

Closing arguments will be heard tomorrow by a Tazewell County Jury in the murder trial of Daniel Cleary.

Both sides have rested, but not before defense attorneys introduced the idea that a notorious accused spree killer might be responsible for the death of MeLisa Cleary.

On the day that MeLisa Cleary was reported missing, a nurse today testified that she saw a man with an "evil pair of eyes" at the Casey's in Mackinaw, the town were the Cleary family lived.

It was only later, the nurse said that she recognized the man she saw as Nicholas Sheley.

Sheley is accused of a two-state murder spree which began twenty days after MeLisa Cleary is thought to have been murdered. Sheley is accused of beating to death eight people including a man from Galesburg.

Another Mackinaw resident testified yesterday that he saw a man resembling Sheley talking with MeLisa Cleary at her home a few days before her death.

Tazewell County police said they checked out Sheley's whereabouts at the time of the MeLisa's death and concluded he was not in central Illinois at the time.

Those statements and others will be considered by the jury beginning tomorrow as they decide the fate of Daniel Cleary.