Conversations come to life -- read the final texts between Lori and Jason Moore

By WEEK Reporter

June 25, 2014 Updated Jun 26, 2014 at 12:20 PM CDT

EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Chilling new details of what happened just minutes before three people were killed in a crowded East Peoria bar.

On June 14, Jason Moore walked into the 5th Quarter Sports bar and shot his ex wife Lori Moore and her boyfriend Lance Griffel. Jason then turned the gun on himself but was shot and killed by an off-duty FBI agent.

Witnesses tell East Peoria Police they saw Jason have two to three drinks before entering the bar. Police say he was prescribed a sleep aid and anti-depressants, but they don't know if he was taking them.

They also say Jason claimed to be struggling financially. Jason was paying about $1000 a month for child support. Police say witnesses were generally shocked.

"We have gotten no indication that her or her friends were concerned about any violent act whatsoever," said East Peoria Detective Sergeant Brian Despines, who had been leading the investigation.

Police have the exact words exchanged between Jason and Lori starting two days before the shooting. While police say they have no definite answers, when they go through the texts certain issues arise.

"Clearly at some point in that day Jason Moore snapped," said East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow.

The very first messages starts almost friendly -- Jason mentioning meeting Lori's boyfriend. Jason texted, "As awkward as it may be, we'll probably have to meet each other someday.. I'm fine with it...but for the kids' sake I want it to be smooth."

Jason continues, "I can picture all of us someday having fun...our children will come first."

Lori eventually responds, "...Everything will work itself out."

However, they did not. And, that day never came.

"Last Saturday night Jason Moore enters the 5th Quarter Sports Bar and shoots his ex-wife and her boyfriend," explained the Chief at a news conference.

The conversation then turns to what police believe upset him.

"They then fixate on the children and where the children were at that evening and they then fixate on a clause in the divorce agreement," said Chief Ganschow.

Police say the agreement generally says if Lori is gone for more than four hours, Jason had the right to watch the children.

When Lori says thanks to Jason but states she will be back on time -- things start to change.

Police say the text messages start to show a change in mood.

Jason texted, "I wasn't trying to be nice to you. I wanted to see my kids. I'll see you at the 5th Quarter until 9."

Lori responds, "creepy."

Jason then responds, "I'm guessing you think you're the center of the universe but I matter to them too..."

Then surfaces his financial issues -- he says,"I'm struggling to make ends meet.... You and Lance can enjoy my money."

At that point Lori stops responding. Then comes Jason's last text -- "Anywho, I'm going to show up just to piss you off."

The rest is tragedy. Police say they'll never know for sure what was going through Jason's head. But they know what they hope to accomplish.

"Perhaps something we say, something someone reads or hears about this will reach someone that will help a potential victim recognize threats or get the help that they need to prevent another tragedy like this one," said Chief Ganschow.

Now, investigators say they are waiting for toxicology results to determine the levels of a prescribed anti-depressants and alcohol in Moore's system.

Those seeking help can call the Center for Prevention of Abuse at (800) 559-7233.