Courthouse employee arrested for obstructing justice in sons' murder cases

By Ashley McNamee

January 16, 2014 Updated Jan 17, 2014 at 10:40 AM CDT

PEORIA Ill -- A Peoria County Courthouse employee has been arrested for obstruction of justice in a case related to her two sons.

Kimberly McNeil, 43, was arrested at the Peoria County Courthouse Wednesday.

She is the mother Michael and Marquis Costic.

Marquis, 23, was convicted of murder earlier this month for the death of Treyshawn Blakely, 17. Michael Costic was arrested in connection to the same crime and is awaiting trial.

McNeil was still in the Peoria County jail Thursday night. She is on paid leave from her job in the Circuit Clerk's office, where she had access to her son's files.

"There is really nothing in the file that would help anybody or hurt anybody. That file is just a court file," said Peoria County Circuit Clerk Bob Spears.

Spears said there are policies in place to prevent his 53 employees from tampering with files of people they know, but he says it's a fine line.

"Now that means a person involved in a file really isn't supposed to look at it in my office," Spears said. "They could come to the counter and ask for it and we have to show it to them."

Spears said whatever McNeil was arrested for didn't happen in his office.

The Peoria Police said they have forwarded the case to the Peoria County State's Attorney's office.

The only comment a spokesman would make is that McNeil was not involved in the murder of Blakely, but they looking into the effect, if any, she had on the case.

The Costic brothers were arrested for allegedly firing an assault rifle into a crowd that gathered in April to watch a fight at Butler and Warren Streets. Defense attorneys argued there was no evidence linking the Costic brothers to the crime because no gun was ever found.

McNeil will be charged Friday.