Decision on charges against Peoria officers expected within a week

By Maggie Vespa

August 14, 2012 Updated Aug 14, 2012 at 8:19 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill.-- Peoria County State's Attorney Jerry Brady says his office is doing everything it can to assure the public- no one is above the law.

Brady says reports from the investigation into the July 8 crash, allegedly involving an under-cover officer and his city-owned vehicle, have been turned over to his office.

Two officers, Vice Officer John Couve and Sgt. Richard Glover, were placed on administrative leave following the wreck.

Couve was allegedly driving the car while off duty, when the crash occurred. He then allegedly reported the car stolen.

It is unclear how many officers, including Glover, may have assisted in covering up the incident.

Brady says the case could result in a number of charges.

"There is a charge of leaving the scene of a property damage accident. That would come to mind," said Brady. "There is also obstructing justice, which is a class four felony. In the event there is impeding of an investigation, there could also be obstruction a peace officer. That's a Class A misdemeanor."

He adds the public should know, regarding the investigation, the city, county and state are leaving no stone unturned.

"There may be further inquiry. There may be further investigation, but whether they be police officers or they be citizens, if they violate the criminal law, criminal charges will be filed against individuals," he said.

Brady expects a decision on whether to file charges against Couve or any other officers, will be announced some time next week.