Disaster Relief groups help families prepare

By Alyssa Donovan

May 4, 2013 Updated May 4, 2013 at 11:14 PM CDT

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.--Safety experts in McLean County are already preparing for the next natural disaster.

Relief organizations took the day to teach families and children how to be ready in the face of danger.

When a disaster strikes, it's important for people to have a plan in place.
On Saturday, relief groups and first responders came together to help.

McLean Co. Home and Community Education President Kathleen Emery said, "We just wanted to educate the public and let people know as much as we could about disaster preparedness."

The American Red Cross, local Police and Fire departments, and other disaster relief organizations started by breaking down the tools you can use.

Director and Founder of Chasing4Life, Eddy Weiss said, "Put a home disaster kit together... enough supplies for 3 days. Make a plan. Have a drill... Other things like learning first aid, learning cpr... All of those things that we hear all the time that really makes a huge difference when a disaster happens because now you see people that are able to take care of themselves and their own families."

Safety expert Eddy Weiss says when families are prepared.. That helps first responders work more efficiently, like when setting up emergency tents.

Chasing4Life Deployment Coordinator, Robin Whitted said, "These are fully inflatable from ground up it's 4 minutes inflated and we can have this whole entire unit set up how it is in 18 minutes."

But Weiss says the equipment is limited so it's important for you to equip yourself with what you can.

Weiss said, "The message we've been trying to tell people today is look, all of this stuff... this is all there is. So if you're not prepared at home you are about to overwhelm all of this stuff. This stuff is designed to help people that can't help but get in trouble."

Weiss says every member of the family should understand the meaning of preparedness and know what to do in case of an emergency.

He said, "Mom and dad will forget about this halfway home. But those kids are going to get home and say 'hey we still need to have a drill before we eat dinner.'"