UPDATE: Fake Twitter account suspect will not be charged

By WEEK Producer

April 23, 2014 Updated Apr 23, 2014 at 9:59 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- The Peoria County State's Attorney says the man who allegedly created the @peoriamayor Twitter account will not be charged for impersonating a public figure.

The State's Attorney says he believes it is legal because the false impersonation was done electronically and not face-to-face.

A search warrant obtained by News 25 shows Mayor Ardis discovered the twitter account on March 12.

The account used his name, information and picture. Some of the 'tweets' implied the mayor used drugs, associated with prostitutes and used inappropriate language.

The warrant goes on to say that the Mayor then notified the Peoria Police Department.

"The conclusion from the State's Attorney's Office is that it is also illegal," said Police Chief Steve Settingsgaard. "The review by the judge on three separate occasions on three separate warrant requests also coincided with our opinion that the behavior exhibited on Twitter was contrary to the statute."

State's Attorney Jerry Brady says his office was not asked for their opinion and normally does not have a say in warrants.

On April 15, Judge Kim Kelley signed off on a search warrant of the house in which they thought the twitter account originated from.

The search warrant included the okay to search for drugs or drug paraphernalia along with electronics.

One person in the home was charged with marijuana possession.

City Council members are now questioning how this got to this level and why there was a search warrant issued in the first place.

Councilman Montelongo says, in similar cases, elected officials have the account taken down and that's the end.

Mayor Ardis defended his actions last night, by saying this account crossed a line.

"It wasn't the mayor is fat and bald and losing his hair and he's a bad politician," he said. "For that reason, my reaction was a deeply personal one on behalf of my family and myself. As a person I felt the victim of sexual and filth."

Our attempts to contact the creator of the Twitter account have been unsuccessful.