Former employee sues Dan Rutherford for sexual harassment and political misdoings

By WEEK Producer

February 10, 2014 Updated Feb 11, 2014 at 12:35 AM CDT

CHICAGO, Ill. -- A former assistant to Treasurer Dan Rutherford has filed a federal lawsuit against Rutherford alleging both sexual harassment and political misdoings.

Ed Michalowski was, until recently, the Deputy Director for Community Affairs for the Treasurer's Office.

In his lawsuit, Michalowski said the Treasurer repeatedly made passes at him, including touching him inappropriately.

Michalowski also charges he was forced to do work for both the Romney for President campaign and Rutherford's own political campaign while he was being paid as a state employee.

Michalowski said as a result of this conduct, he suffered from severe headaches which required hospitalization.

He is asking for a jury trial and compensatory damages.

Rutherford responded Monday afternoon saying the charges were false and that travel documents showed that while Michalowski said he was with Rutherford, he was at his home in Chicago.

Rutherford said Michalowski is currently going through bankruptcy and is in need of money.

He said none of his state employees had been required to do campaign work.

To see the full text of the lawsuit, click on the link above.