Former teachers describe Dillen Constant during rebuttal testimony

By WEEK Producer

May 29, 2013 Updated May 29, 2013 at 9:48 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- In Peoria County Court Wednesday, rebuttal witnesses painted a different picture of Dillen Constant than the aggressive and violent teenager defense witnesses described on Tuesday.

In an unexpected move, the defense rested its case Wednesday morning without calling Harris' ex-wife, Nicole Gee, and the couple's daughter to the stand.

Christopher Harris is charged with killing Rick and Ruth Gee and their three children in September 2009.

On Tuesday, a witness for the defense testified that Dillen Constant had several risk factors associated with violent behavior, including suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

Psychology professor Dr. Craig Anderson said Constant, 14, had a history of physical and verbal aggression.

However, on Thursday, Special Ed teacher Tammy Pagel cried several times while talking about the teen. She said he had a lot of energy.

"He would do the moonwalk all the way to the pencil sharpener," said Pagel.

Dillen's former wrestling coach said the teen was very positive and won the inspirational award for making the varsity team.

Defense attorneys argue that Harris killed Dillen in self defense after walking into the Beason home while the teenager was murdering his family.

Closing arguments are expected to begin Thursday morning.