Gold added to Caterpillar's Visitors Center

By WEEK Producer

March 8, 2014 Updated Mar 10, 2014 at 10:46 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Caterpillar is adding more gold to their visitor's center, an Olympic gold medal.

The Visitor's Center unveiled its new "Caterpillar Diesels & Peoria Cats Basketball Exhibit" this morning.

The exhibit explores the history of a team which played in the National Industrial Basketball league.

Players were Caterpillar employees by day and basketball players by night. Some players had skills rivaling those of players with the NBA.

Five Caterpillar players represented the US in the 1952 Olympic Games.

They took home the gold and the medal is hanging on display. Former Caterpillar players were honored at the reveal.

"The experience...I never dreamed it would go. I never dreamed we'd be in the Olympics, but all of a sudden there is the opportunity," said Peoria Cats Olympic gold medalist Frank McCabe.

"This is amazing. Honoring a team that brought them celebrity status. Everybody's old but bringing us back here to this fabulous museum setting is much to their credit," said Peoria Cat player Paul Unruh.

Game-worn jerseys, photographs and game-footage were also on display.