Governor Quinn speaks out against concealed carry and alcohol

By WEEK Producer

July 5, 2013 Updated Jul 8, 2013 at 12:00 PM CDT

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Governor Pat Quinn visited Wrigleyville on Friday to push his message that guns and alcohol are a toxic mix.

Earlier this week, the governor used his power to amend a concealed carry bill.

One change to the legislation would include a ban on guns in any establishment that serves alcohol.

"When you have guns mixed with alcohol in a bar or restaurant that's a prescription for violence and disaster," said Quinn.

"I think some people are challenging he's gone beyond his constitutional authority to make so many changes to the bill but it will definitely be a lively debate, I'm sure," said state Representative Patti Bellock, (R) Westmont.

Representative Bellock is referring to the fact that Illinois lawmakers are set to meet Tuesday to try to override Quinn's changes to the concealed carry bill.