Gun Threat at Lowpoint-Washburn High School

By Denise Jackson

December 19, 2012 Updated Dec 20, 2012 at 10:53 AM CDT

WASHBURN, Ill -- Parents in Woodford County worry about safety after a student threatened to bring a gun to Lowpoint Washburn High School.

This incident comes after a similar case involving Farmington High School.

Washburn resident Brian Minerd says he called 911 Tuesday after hearing about the threat from his wife and daughter, who attends Lowpoint-Washburn High School. Minerd says his daughter witnessed another student confront the freshman about the gun threat at a locker where a scuffle broke out. He says the freshman threatened to shoot a student during school hours, the second such incident from him in two weeks.

Minerd says after talking with the principal he did not think the principal took the matter seriously, telling him that students were taking finals this week.

"I want to make sure that kids are safe and everybody else's kids are safe and for his own sake to find out why he chooses to think this way," Minerd said.

"We dispatched a deputy up there immediately, he talked to the parent, he talked to the student and we were 100 percent sure that there was nothing going to take place at that school. We even sent a couple of officers up there to stand by there," said Woodford County Sheriff James Pierceall.

In a statement Lowpoint-Washburn School Superintendent Parker Dietrich says "From our investigation we feel there is no threat to the students and faculty of Lowpoint-Washburn Schools."

The student was not at the school Tuesday and according to the superintendent disciplinary action has been taken. We are told that the student made the threat because he was being bullied. Administrators are continuing to monitor the situation.