Heatwave brings more early school dismissals

By Denise Jackson

August 27, 2013 Updated Aug 27, 2013 at 7:10 PM CDT

PEORIA,IL-- The Central Illinois heatwave is causing a sticky situation in schools. As a result Peoria's District 150 schools will join several others with early dismissals beginning Wednesday. Right now 10 of the school district's 27 buildings are not air conditioned. To try and make learning easier teachers kept lights off or at a minimum, provided plenty of water for students to drink, and some students are even being sprayed with mist on their neck to cool off.

At Von Steuben Middle School teachers had three fans going in each of the classrooms to help the students cope with the heat.

"Out of everyday so far this school year today has been the day I've noticed with this particular class right now just coming in from recess they're all sweating, hot, "where can I sit, I want to sit by a fan, where's the coolest spot, please tell me the room's cool," said Von Steuben Middle School Teacher Mindy Welsh.

District 150 spokesman Chris Coplan says students who arrive at 8:30 in the morning will be dismissed at 2 p-m. Student arriving at 7:30 will be dismissed at one o'clock. Early dismissals will continue through Friday.