Holiday shopping on your phone

By Chad Weber

December 1, 2013 Updated Dec 2, 2013 at 12:49 AM CDT

PEKIN, Ill. -- Daryl Young said he was fed up with stores opening up earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving day

But he still wanted to take advantage of those Black Friday deals.

So with his smartphone at his side and some handy apps, he was able to get the best of both worlds.

"Found they had some really great deals and most of the prices of the items were the same price as they were in the store," said Young. "Most retailers offered free shipping so I thought it was just as good of a deal as fighting the crowd."

Using a Black Friday app on his phone, he was able to compare prices of many different stores including Best Buy and

"It would show every singe store that offered it on Black Friday and how much they were offering it for."

Young finished his holiday shopping before he finished his Thanksgiving turkey.

By late Wednesday night he had, by and large, completed his list without even leaving the house.

However, not all Black Friday sales were available online.

Young said he did have to pick up a Kitchen-Aid mixer at the store on Thanksgiving night after his family time was over.

"I would go for it," he said. "Especially even next year, I'm worried that the stores are going to be opening even sooner."

Young said the holidays shouldn't be a time spent in lines but a time to focus on what's really important: being with family.