Holiday travelers held up by Mother Nature

By Alyssa Donovan

December 22, 2013 Updated Dec 22, 2013 at 11:58 PM CDT

Holiday air travelers spent the weekend dealing with layovers, cancellations and delayed flights.

The threat of severe weather did not keep travelers from hitting the roads or the skies this weekend.

Sue and John Landuyt's left their house in Savannah Georgia at 7 Saturday morning; they arrived in Peoria at Noon on Sunday.

"We drove from Savanna to hit Jacksonville; 3 hour traffic jam so we missed our flight, missed our connection than in Jacksonville,” said John.

It wasn't the weather, but an accident that caused the traffic jam.
But the delay was just long enough to put the couple right in the middle of the storm.

"Got to Atlanta had to stay overnight in Atlanta,” said John.

And their travel nightmare kept going; their Sunday morning flight to Peoria was delayed, then cancelled, courtesy of mother nature.

"Finally got here 28 hours after we started,” said John.

But not everyone was singing the traveler's blues; Jill Mccord made it from Texas to Peoria without any problems.

"Traveling was fine for us we were lucky, we just got to DFW early and had a couple changes in gates terminals but other than that everything was fine,” said Mccord.

It wasn't what Mccord was expecting especially with her 4 month old son along for the ride.

“He fell asleep and slept the entire flight and woke up right when we landed,” said Mccord.

Mccord is heading back to Texas on Wednesday.

She says she'll be following the weather very closely to make sure her holiday traveling luck doesn't run out.