Honor Flight

Honor Flight

By WEEK Reporter
By Denise Jackson

September 15, 2010 Updated Sep 15, 2010 at 7:53 PM CDT

A couple of local World War Two veterans are reminiscing after a special flight to Washington D-C Tuesday.
Their visit not only rekindled memories but allowed them to bond with other soldiers.

World War Two Veterans Dale Camp and Don Wood were among 91 veterans on a special tour in Washington D-C Tuesday. As a result of their military service the Bloomington men boarded a special Land of Lincoln Honor Flight for a visit of military landmarks in the nation's capital. Wood says the Vietnam Veterans Wall was among his highlights.

"My son was in Vietnam. He was wounded three times, he has a number of friends whose names are on that wall and I had thoughts of what he went through while he was there," he said.

The veterans boasted about the special treatment they received while on their trip, from everyone including strangers who stopped to thank them for serving their country.
Even though the memorials were impressive Camp says meeting and talking with fellow soldiers made the trip especially meaningful.

"I think the people's attitudes that we ran across was my favorite. We heard a lot of stories from fellow veterans and even though Don and I did not see combat we talked to a lot of them and found their experiences very interesting," Camp said.

Their trip was made possible as a result of donations made to Land of Lincoln Honor Flight in Springfield. Over the past two years the organization has provided the trip to Washington to more than 400 WW- Two veterans. In Bloomington I'm Denise Jackson reporting.>

If you would like to make a donation to Land of Lincoln Honor Flight send your check to 57 Country Place, Springfield, IL 62703, or you can log on to w-w-w-dot-land-of-lincoln-honor-flight-dot-org.
The next trip is scheduled for April.