Ivy club member enjoy holiday after flooding

By Audrey Wise

July 4, 2013 Updated Jul 4, 2013 at 6:43 PM CDT

PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill -- The Fourth of July, for many, is a day to swim and boat with friends and family. But it took a lot of work just to do that this year at the Illinois Valley Yacht Club.

"The highest flood here in the building was 28.9 feet. This was 29.3," said Ivy Club General Manager Paul Kelley.

April 19th Ivy Club employees and members watched the river water overtake their grounds. The building had 2.5 feet of water inside for about a week.

Before the waters inundated the family retreat, Ivy Club member Ronald Harris said they saved all they could, "Furniture, chairs, tables, we even took paneling off the walls. Anything we could get loose that we could re-use later.

Still the river water ruined walls, carpet, the kitchen and pools.

Now just more than two months later the pool is full of families and the kitchen re-opened after the okay from the Health Department just Wednesday. All in time for Fourth of July fun and relaxation.

"It really is a big boating holiday, said Kelley. "So, the harbor being open and all the activities being able to take place is a big plus for us."

After the Fourth of July festivities are over, it will be back to work for just a few more weeks to complete renovations on the dining room.

"We're re-doing the walls into concrete blocks so we don't have damage to walls in the future because we know we're going to get more floods," said Harris. "We're doing everything we can to make the club as water resistant as possible."

In the meantime, they will just enjoy the holiday and the hard work that has already been put in.