Jason Harris to testify against brother in murder trial

By WEEK Producer

May 9, 2013 Updated May 9, 2013 at 9:57 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Day one of the Christopher Harris Trial comes with a surprise announcement: In a deal with prosecutors Jason Harris will take the stand against his brother Christopher.

Prosecutors say Jason will talk about how the two used drugs before going to the Gee Family home in September of 2009.

That is where Rick Gee, his wife Ruth and their three children were beaten to death with a tire iron.

A couple's youngest daughter survived the killing spree.

Prosecutors say Christopher told Jason he had to "kill them all" because "there couldn't be any witnesses."

In return for his testimony, Jason will plead guilty to "concealment of a homicidal death" and "obstruction of justice" for a 20 year prison term.

Prosecutors say Jason was outside the Gee home while Christopher killed the family.

The defense will offer a different version of the murders: that 14-year-old Dillen Constant killed his family, and Christopher Harris killed Dillen in self-defense.

A total of 8 witnesses testified Wednesday, including a friend of Dillen Constant who found the scene first.

Rick Gee's step dad testified when he went inside the home and discovered the bodies he fell to his knees, totally distraught.

A Logan County Sheriff's Deputy and State Trooper also provided graphic details of the crime scene.

The Trooper described how he found Tabitha Gee, 3, alive despite being severely beaten.