Kenny Meinders convicted on multiple counts

By WEEK Reporter

July 21, 2012 Updated Jul 23, 2012 at 1:26 PM CDT

EUREKA, Ill -- Kenny Meinders, the Metamora man whose violent encounter with police last August left him in intensive care for weeks, may be headed to prison.

Friday night, after roughly five hours of deliberation, a jury found Meinders guilty of 4 of the 6 counts stemming from that incident.

Those four are as follows: domestic battery, aggravated battery, disarming an officer and resisting a peace officer.

The jury found Meinders not guilty on one additional count each of aggravated battery and disarming an officer.

All this stems from the incident on August 21st, 2011.  That's when police responded to this home in Low Point on a domestic disturbance call, after a neighbor claimed he saw Meinders hitting his girlfriend.

Officers testified Meinders, who was asleep when they entered, tried to hit and disarm them.  They then tazed him several times.

Meinders was later hospitalized, and remained in critical condition for weeks.

A state police investigation found the officers were not at fault.

During the trial, defense attorneys argued officers used unnecessary force against their client.  Witnesses testified they saw officers continue to taze and beat Meinders after he was unconscious.

The Woodford County State's attorney says he is satisfied with the verdicts.  Attorneys for the defense say the case is far from closed.

"We'll keep fighting, and we'll see how this thing plays out.  But it's shocking, I think.  I think everybody in the courtroom finds it a bit shocking.  Can we argue with it?  No, but we'll take this up on appeal ASAP," said Meinders' attorney Shaun Cusack.

"Just very grateful to the jury, the time they put in, just thankful to them," said State's Attorney Greg Minger.  "They looked at all the evidence, and they came to a verdict on everything.  So, I was glad for that."

Meinders is set to be sentenced Friday, August 17th at 3 p.m.

He faces anywhere from probation to seven years in prison.