Schools work to beat the heat

By Alyssa Donovan

August 26, 2013 Updated Aug 26, 2013 at 7:36 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- The high temperatures and humid conditions are expected to continue through Labor Day and that has many school officials looking for ways to beat the heat.

Norwood school in Peoria starts off every year on a heat schedule.

District 63 Superintendent Dr. Abby Humbles said, “We dismiss an hour earlier than typical until after the holiday. Hopefully we won't have to extend that and amend our calendar because it looks like the heats going to be here for a while but that does help it gives a little bit of relief."

This week temperatures are expected to be more than 90 degrees.

While some of the rooms at Norwood are air conditioned, the classrooms and hallways are not.

Throughout the day students are given frequent water breaks and encouraged to bring a water bottle to class.

Humbles says they expect the heat every year so they know how to be prepared.

Humbles said, "Typically when it's really hot we have our fans going we offer a little bit more breaks outside under shady trees. So the teachers keep the windows open sometimes they shut the lights off, have the fans going and a lot of frequent water breaks."

While the school is providing shortened days and frequent breaks, some of the teachers are coming up with their own creative solutions to beat the heat, like misting students with a spray bottle as they walk in the classroom.

School Principal Erik Estill said, "We're being proactive and trying to help our kids stay hydrated but it's going to be hard it will be hot here this week."

Estill says they don't typically cancel school due to heat but it's always a possibility.

Estill said, "I'm sure that if we had heat indexes into the hundreds that we would maybe have to consider that."

According to the national weather service in Lincoln, Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be the hottest days this week and heat indexes are expected to be more than 100 degrees.