Lt. Governor unveils "College Completion Playbook"

By WEEK Producer

October 30, 2013 Updated Oct 30, 2013 at 8:46 PM CDT

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. -- According to, a 2011 graduate of Illinois State University has on average had nearly $25,000 in student debt.

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon hopes to bring that number down.

Wednesday morning she released her "College Completion Playbook" at a higher education conference in Bloomington. The guide offers material strategies for long-term educational success, including ways to make school more affordable.

National experts and effective state teachers are all sources.

"What we anticipate people will leave here with is not just a folder full of good ideas, but a folder full of good ideas with contact people here in the state of Illinois who are engaged in these programs, who are ready to reach out and plans on how to scale up these good ideas so that they are working not just in one place in the state of Illinois but across the state,” said Simon.

Increasing internship opportunities, streamlining course credit transfers and managing student debt are main topics in the book.