Mac & Mac's Pick: Titanic II

By WEEK Producer

February 26, 2013 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 2:09 AM CDT

An Australian multi-millionaire plans to build what he calls "absolutely the most safe cruise ship in the world".

Given that unfortunate incident on the Carnival cruise ship Triumph, pushing safety is probably a good idea. And, that's especially with this new ship....

We have the drawings and computer-generated vision of what that huge ship will be like.

And if it looks a little familiar....well, it is.

This is the "Titanic-Two", a replica of the British ship which sunk on it's maiden voyage in 1913, killing 15-hundred people.

Developer Clive Palmer released a video showing a more streamlined design today, and says there'll be NO internet or televisions on board...and there'll be three classes of passengers...who won't be allowed to mingle.

Davis says third class, the cheapest, is where the fun people will be.

Presumably, they will be allowed to board the lifeboats --unlike the original.

Yes, Davis says there *will be sufficient lifeboats.