Mac & Mac's Pick: Love train in Czech Republic

By WEEK Producer

May 22, 2013 Updated May 22, 2013 at 10:47 PM CDT

PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- Apparently, there's a need for a place where Czech singles can get together.

So, the operators of the subway system are talking about a "singles only' train car on off-hour runs.

It's a push to get people out of their private vehicles.

A spokesman suggests, suggestively, that there are things you can do on public transport that you cannot do in your car.

You can fill in the blanks there.

We want to point out that the 'singles only" train isn't running yet.

These people are just friendly.

An online survey by a Czech newspaper showed 46% approved of the idea, and another 46% thought the idea was "absolute nonsense".