Mac & Mac's Pick: Feral Pig Crossing

By WEEK Reporter

October 26, 2012 Updated Oct 26, 2012 at 10:12 PM CDT

TEXAS -- Texas Highway 130 is an 85mph toll road.

It's a 40-mile stretch of road between Austin and San Antonio.

The Highway opened just this week and one problem has cropped up immediately: feral pigs.

Even before Wednesday's opening celebration...Lockhart City Police were worried.

Two nights before highway 130 opened, officers captured this video on their dashboard cameras. And on the very first night the road was open, three cars crashed into packs of wild hogs.

Another crash was reported outside the city limits.

One car was totaled.

In a nutshell. you've got Texas' fastest road built right through farm and ranch land, full of feral hogs who have never seen anything faster than a farmer on a tractor.

The feral hog population is so bad in Caldwell County, there's a two dollar bounty on them.

That's not even enough to tip the tow truck driver....