Mac & Mac's Pick: An idiot in Cleveland?

By WEEK Reporter

November 13, 2012 Updated Nov 14, 2012 at 12:00 AM CDT

CLEVELAND, OH -- Is this woman indeed "an idiot"? You be the judge.

The woman is Shena Hardin of Cleveland, Ohio. A judge sentenced her to two hours of public shaming. Here's why.

Shena was driving on the sidewalk around a school bus while it was delivering children to a school. Turns out she did this often.

The bus driver took these pictures.

A judge found her guilty of passing a stopped bus, which is a misdemeanor, and decided to get creative.

Besides losing her license for a month and paying a $250 fine, Shena Hardin had to spend an hour this morning holding an "idiot" sign as punishment.

She'll be back tomorrow.

The mother of one student says she only wishes it was raining.