Mac & Mac's Pick: "Flugtag" in California

By WEEK Reporter

November 12, 2012 Updated Nov 13, 2012 at 10:20 AM CDT

SAN FRANCISCO -- Over the weekend, it was "Flugtag" in California.

"Flugtag" is German for 'Flying Day", and it's an event sponsored by the Red Bull folks. Ostensibly, it's an event for folks to try and glide wacky craft off a high area.

What it really is -- is a way for people to dress in odd outfits and ride un-flyable aircraft into a large body of water.

Approximately 116,000 spectators came out to watch as all manner of gliders nose-dived off the structure into McCovy Cove.

While distance is important, creativity and showmanship are necessary to impress the judges.

Contestants included Mexican wrestlers, flying sharks, dragons, and some devices known only to their makers.

The winning team -- Movember -- had a glider which actually managed to go 54 feet from the platform.