Mac & Mac's Pick: A dry cleaning drone

By WEEK Reporter

July 9, 2013 Updated Jul 9, 2013 at 10:14 PM CDT

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The use of drone aircraft by the military is controversial in some sectors. How about the use of drone aircraft by civilians? Say a dry cleaners, for example.

In Philadelphia, a remote-controlled drone ferries the shirt across the sky on a delivery run to a nearby customer.

The laundry owner says he is trying to attract a young clientele at his shop.

So, he converted a quadracopter, designed for taking aerial photography, into a dry cleaning delivery machine.

It takes two people, a spotter and a pilot, to complete a delivery.

It is, of course, completely impractical.

The drone is limited in how far it can go, must be delivered in one trip, and it takes a spotter and pilot to fly the device, but they do get attention, which is the point of the whole exercise.