Mac & Mac's pick: Cotton-tail's capture

By WEEK Producer

April 2, 2013 Updated Apr 2, 2013 at 10:53 PM CDT

Next on Chips...busting the Easter Bunny.

It's this photo taken on a freeway in California that grabbed headlines across the globe but let's go behind the photo and hear what led to this cotton-tail's capture.

Tracking down the Easter Bunny wasn't all that hard. This Ural sidecar was spotted outside San Diego BMW.

The Easter Bunny, or EB, as he calls himself, told reporters that last Saturday he was making a ride to cheer up a sick friend. Somehow, CHP officers spotted a six-foot tall rabbit in a red sidecar and pulled him over. They suggested he couldn't see very well in a bunny mask and while wearing an approved helmet, it was held on with a bungee cord.

The Bunny says there's a lesson here for other riders.

"Safety is always first. Wear all the gear, all of the time. The CHP can use my incident as an opportunity for public safety awareness."

So, take it from the Easter Bunny: "All the Gear, All the Time".

Although we doubt the Highway Patrol will be using this photo to raise awareness.