Mac & Mike's Pick: A Waiver for Thin Mints

By WEEK Producer

March 3, 2011 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 4:06 AM CDT

"They" being the girl scouts of Savannah. After first being banned from selling cookies on the sidewalk....the scouts have been returned.

Savannah GA is the home of Juliette Gordon Low --founder of the Girl Scouts.

For decades, the Scouts had sold their Thin Mints and other cookies in front of Low's mansion.

But a complaint had halted the longtime practice of selling girl scout cookies on the public sidewalk outside low's home.

Savannah has an ordinance banning peddling on public sidewalks.

Banning the Scouts--and their cookies---was really bad publicity for Savannah, what with city officials getting International phone calls asking what they had against cookies and girl scouts.

Then suddenly, the acting City manager found she had the authority to issue a waiver.

So, the Girl Scouts are back...but they do have to get a business tax certificate.