Mac & Mike's Pick: The Unbreakable Umbrella

By WEEK Reporter

March 30, 2011 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 4:02 AM CDT

It's a virtually indestructible umbrella.

This new umbrella breakthrough is made out of titanium and kevlar.

The umbrella is being produced by a french company.

It has withstood 95 mile per hours winds in a wind tunnel, and in testing, the umbrella has even been able to fend off attacks by both humans and dogs.

The "para-pactum" umbrellas were the brainstorm of France's governing body in charge of protecting the President.

It not only fends off attacks by man or beast, it will keep you dry.

Of course, being a government project, no expense was spared.

The new super umbrella costs just a shade over 14-thousand dollars.