Mayoral candidates in Bloomington go door-to-door

By Joe Bennett

April 7, 2013 Updated Apr 7, 2013 at 10:36 PM CDT

BLOOMINGTON, Ill -- Word-of-mouth or door-to-door campaigning is a tradition for political candidates.

Bloomington Mayoral candidate Lex Green says it's the most effective way to gain support while understanding his constituents concerns.

What Green is telling potential voters on Sunday is an accumulated debt over ten years points to a necessity for lower taxes and limited spending in the city.

"The current city manager has done a great job, and he inherited a mess, and through fiscal responsibility he's moved us forward in the right direction," says Green. "So I just want to take that farther and make sure we continue down that road."

Tari Renner and his supporters spent the afternoon on the phone, reminding citizens to cast a ballot.

Renner lost the last election by fifteen votes.

Renner also reminds constituents he has dealt a lot with public safety as chair of the Justice Committee on the McLean County Board.

According to Renner, "We need to open up the political process, and we need to get the blood flowing at City Hall and to be more proactive in fixing our problems, including fixing our streets and infrastructure and, of course, establishing a long-term regional water supply. So we need proactive leadership in Bloomington."

John Hanson, who served on the Bloomington City Council for five years, says phone banks may reach more people, but door-to-door campaigning is a better way to communicate.

Communication and a direct leadership style are what he says he will bring to the council as mayor.

"As far as issues, I certainly want to see the economic development grow the current tax base," Hanson says. "We certainly have a lot of infrastructure issues. It's not only in Bloomington; it's all over the country, but we're going to have to tackle those and continue to put more money into infrastructure."

Bloomington voters will decide which mayoral candidate to elect into office on Tuesday, April 9th.