Mclean county plow crews battle drifting snow

By Alyssa Donovan

January 6, 2014 Updated Jan 6, 2014 at 10:57 PM CDT

MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill.-- Residents in rural Mclean County have yet to see clear roads.

Snow removal crews are struggling to clear the county roads.

It's hard to tell, but the roads have been plowed since Sunday's snow storm.

"They keep going up and down but the wind just keeps blowing more snow across,” said Heather Mccowan a Mclean County resident.

Mccowan and her husband live just outside city limits; their road is plowed by the Mclean County Highway department.

"Just up the road is the county line between where the county takes over and where the city takes over and you can usually tell a difference between the two, typically the city side looks better,” said Mccowan.

It's not just the drifting snow that is a problem; it's a lack of man power. Mclean County only has 18 crews while Bloomington public works has 40.

"At this point almost all the roads are clear and we're going to try to keep it that way,” said Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner.

"our crews have been out throughout the entire event clearing off the roads we are actually going into the subdivisions now to cleanup,” said Jim Karch, Director of Public Works for the city of Bloomington.

While city crews work around the clock, county crews have to call it quits when it gets dark.

White out conditions makes it too dangerous to plow the rural roads at night.

County Engineer Eric Schmitt says the combination of snow, wind and frigid temperatures are causing a lot of delays.

"We've had some problems with cars stranded in the middle of the road we've had to work around those and we've had some problems with the cold temperatures as far as airlines freezing up,” said Schmitt.

Schmitt says crews will be out on the roads during the day and as the temperatures rise they should be able to completely clear all of the rural roads.