Meinders's neighbors, family speak out after conviction

By Anna Yee

July 22, 2012 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 3:48 AM CDT

LOW POINT, Ill. -- For residents in the small town of Low Point, a walk down Clark street can bring back chilling memories.

This is the home where authorities were called to about 11 months ago on a domestic dispute call.

Inside was Kenny Meinders, 37, of Metamora, who was reportedly sleeping when officers tried to arrest him.

Police say he fought and attempted to disarm them, before they fought back and tazed him, leaving him in critical condition.

Friday, Meinders was found guilty on four of the six charges against him, including aggravated battery of a peace officer, domestic battery of his girlfriend; and resisting arrest.

Residents and family we spoke with say the verdicts are unfair.

Bobby Joe Williams was the only person who wanted to go on camera.

He says he has known Meinders for years and used to work with him.

"I don't think there is any justice in it," said Williams. "If he's guilty, then they're guilty. There's no in between. If he did something wrong, maybe he did, but they did too and they got away with it. How come he didn't?"

Those in the courtroom deliberated for more than five hours Friday night.

"I think everybody had a fair trial, and I think that's all you can expect when you have trials," said Prosecutor Greg Minger, the Woodford County State's Attorney.

"I think there was a lot of evidence that we were not allowed to get in," said Shaun Cusak, Defense Attorney for Meinders. "There were a lot of shots and bullets in our gun that we were not allowed to fire."

Cusak says Meinders remains free until his sentencing hearing on August 17.

Meinders faces anywhere from probation to up to seven years behind bars.

Cusak says they are filing an appeal, and in the meantime, Meinders is staying positive.

"We've got many cards left to be played," said Cusak. "We'll keep fighting, and we'll see how this thing plays out."

Woodford County authorities would not go on camera, but they told us they will increase their presence in Low Point to keep the community calm.